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Replacement Hybrid Car Battery – for Honda Civic/Insight and Totota Prius

Honda Hybrid Battery Replacement for Civic/Insight

1. Replacement hybrid car batteries compatible with Honda Civic, Honda Insight and some Toyota Pruis
2. High degree of consistency in all hybrid car battery sticks
3. Very competitive price compared with Japanese competitors
4. Long life span - work for 6 years approx
5. Up to 5 years warranty

Hybrid car battery replacement for Honda Civic battery, Honda Insight battery as well as Totoya pruis battery(comming soon). With production line imported from Japan, the quality of our battery could meet original standard. We are offering upto 5 years warranty with different price. Replacement for:

2003 Honda civic hybrid battery

2004 Honda civic hybrid battery

2005 Honda civic hybrid battery

2006 Honda civic hybrid battery

Honda insight hybrid battery



Approximate Weight(g): 1100

Nominal Capacity(mAh): 6500(IEC)

Nominal Voltage(V): 7.2

Internal Resistance (mΩ): ≤9.6

7.2VDischarge Capacity7.2V Cut: ≥70%

Specific Energy (Wh/kg): ≥45

Peak Power (W): ≥130(DOD50%)

Specific Power(W/kg): ≥850(DOD50%)

Peak Discharge(30C Discharge, 70%SOC, 4.8V Cut-off): ≥10S

Peak Charge(15C Charge, 50%SOC, 9.96V Cut-off): ≥10S

Max Continuous Discharge(15C Discharge, 70%SOC, 4.8V Cut-off): ≥60S

High Temperature Performance(50°C Charge/Discharge Capacity Rate): ≥70%

Low Temperature Performance(-20°C Discharge Rate): ≥80%

Charge Retention(30 Days): ≥75%

Working Temperature: -20°C to +55°C

Storage Temperature: -40 to +65°C

Cycle Life(C/3 Charge,1C Discharge): ≥800cycles